Thursday, February 15, 2018

Five Minutes you'll never get back

We've all heard the saying, "That's five minutes I'll never get back."
Time is precious, but when it comes to investing our time wisely, most fall short. Many things waste our time: watching TV, surfing the internet, or even brooding over something that didn't go our way. Pick something you do that wastes time; we all do it.

But what about the time we waste with God?

We spend so much time worrying about things like what others think about us, that we forget to worry about what God thinks of us! When we get so caught up in people that we forget to spend time with God, it breaks our connection with Him. 

What would happen if we went without food all day? Our grumbling bellies would remind us to eat. Although God reminds us in more subtle ways than a painful hunger pang, we can't ignore Him any more than we can ignore physical hunger. If we do, the consequence is that our spiritual life will suffer, and that is just as important to take care of as our physical life. Most of us wouldn't voluntarily go without food for an entire day, but some people go days, weeks, months, or even an entire lifetime depriving themselves of their spiritual food.

Take back that five minutes, and spend it with God! If we spent even five minutes with God each morning when we woke up, it would set the day off right, and would certainly arm us with the tools we needed to face our day--and other people. 

The BEST thing about talking with God is that we can talk with Him WHILE we're doing other important things that keep us busy. Yes, God is willing to take what we can spare, but we should ALWAYS strive for time alone. He gives us His undivided attention every day--all day, so why shouldn't we give Him as much as we can give? God knows we are busy with our jobs and families and laundry and grocery shopping and planning for our future; the list goes on forever. He cares about each and every aspect of our lives--right down to the laundry!

Five minutes can go a long way when it's spent doing something that is good for us. So next time you're brushing your teeth or pouring your morning cup of coffee, folding laundry or grocery shopping, or counting to one hundred because of a demanding toddler, pause and talk to God. Trust me when I tell you, it will be the most rewarding five minutes you'll ever take back!

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